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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Apple Inc. vs. a 20 years old Malaysian student!

I found an interesting issue happen between my friend, Tzy Wen, and Apple Inc. It was regarding the copyright issues on iPhone interface design which yet to be released. The issue was raised up by a video he uploaded to YouTube, showing his self-developed version of 'iPhone look' interface for his PDA. The self-made program was yet to be completed, only showing certain portions that having a similar design with iPhone. The video was viewed by over 100,000 times since it was uploaded on Feb 25, 2007. That was a huge number of viewer within a short period of time and it eventually drag the attention from Apple. Apple was then sent an letter asking the creator, Tzy Wen to remove the video from YouTube and any other website where public can access to this information on his piece-of-wonderful work.
>>Video URL:

This issue was first bring to the attention of Malaysian with an article at two to three weeks ago and it gain lots of feedback from public. And from the link on, Tzy Wen's website was once susupended due to a massive number of visitors and causes the bandwidth usage exceeded its 10GB monthly limit but now has been re-opened.
>>Lowyat URL:
>>Tzy Wen's website:

A lawyer from Poland had volunteery to help Tzy Wen to deal with Apple if further action is taken by them against Tzy Wen. As i can see, he is somehow challenging Apple to take action against him because he still put the said video and images on his site, making his statement and he would feel happy if Apple bring this matter to court.
Lawyer URL:

I able to chat with Tzy Wen through msn messenger just before i write this out and he told me that he didnt expected to raise such big issue from what he had done. Nothing gonna happen to him at this point provided he not going to publish the video, images, the program source code or anything about what he has done, to the public. He won't release the source code to public and hoping to see other to come out with something better than his work, and he wants other to know it is possible to make the wonderful work with pocket programming language (ppl), other programming languages might work as well.

Well, i am happy too see that a Malaysian, a 20 years old student (FYI, he was an ex-student from INTI-UC) can actually did something that those programmers did in Apple Inc, and he wasnt in programming field. He learnt PPL by himself and attends classes during day time but able to do it. Good job Tzy Wen, keep it up.

I just wanna share this with you all and i hope i wont get sued either.....lolzz
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